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One on One Coaching


Fully owning your worth and charging premium prices that excite you!

Consistently earning 5 figures (or even 6 figures!) every single MONTH and never having to worry where your next client is coming from ever again!

Feeling on top of the world and being confident in your message, value and marketing & selling abilities! 

Having dream clients run for their credit cards to sign up for your premium services on a consistent basis, like clockwork!

Doing incredible, life-changing work that lights you up and exhilerates you everyday!

Having the freedom to travel, spend quality time with your family/friends and do the things you love, without having to be IN your business 24/7!

All of this is possible for you now, with my expert guidance and support!

Here's a Glimpse of What's Covered:

Mindset & Confidence

I’ll provide you with the mindset and confidence support you need and allow your ideal clients to be attracted to you like bees to honey! I'll support you in overcoming any self-doubt or fear around being seen as the go-to leader and charging the prices you desire!

Time Management, Productivity & Team Building

We’ll identify your biggest strengths and top money-making activities and help you create more time and freedom in your daily life. We'll delegate, hire team members and scale your business so that you can have even more freedom and income than you ever thought possible!

Your Niche, Premium Message, Branding & Ideal Client

You'll create your premium signature brand that fits you and your lifestyle like a glove and allows you to make big money!

You'll gain crystal clarity on your niche, premium message and ideal client so that you can be positioned as the go-to leader in your industry and attract your ideal clients with ease!

Premium Packages, Pricing & Passive Income

We'll create and price premium packages that excite you, give you freedom and that get your ideal clients the results they need! No one wants to work with someone who's stressed and hustling around the clock to make ends meet! We’re not selling time - were selling a solution/outcome/transformation and that’s worth every penny you desire to charge!

Systems & Structures

You'll learn all of the behind-the-scenes systems and structures you need to run a highly successful business - from your website, sales pages, email automation, membership sites and more!

Online Marketing, Facebook Ads, Funnels & Social Media Visibility

You'll create a start to finish client attracting system so you'll never have to worry where your next client is coming from ever again!

We'll set up a winning social media strategy to gain massive visibility and attract your ideal clients like clockwork - without being IN your business 24/7.

We'll develop your powerful lead magnet/free gift that has all of the proper ingredients needed to make your ideal client’s mouth water! It will make your premium package the next logical step so that your ideal clients run for their credit cards to buy from you!

We'll design your stand out landing page and Facebook/Instagram ad that puts YOU on the map (and your daily marketing activities on autopilot!)

We’ll craft your captivating automated email sequence that engages and follows-up with your potential clients around the clock - without lifting a finger or having constant busy work!

Sales Mastery

We’ll role play sales conversations so that you feel confident and empowered to close premium sales with ease consistently!

You'll learn how to ask effective questions that get your potential client to self-realize they need your package now! 

You'll learn how to decifer what your potential client is really saying with their responses.

...and more!

This is going to be a game-changer! Your custom-tailored one on one calls with me are going to provide you with the guidance, support and accountability you need to grow your business and far-exceed your expectations!

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Why Candace is the Go-To Mentor For Ambitious Entrepreneurs Like You:

With over 10+ years of experience in premium consulting and sales, I help ambitious entrepreneurs just like you create a start to finish marketing and sales strategy - so they can have more passion and freedom in their lives! 

I’ve been able to create a successful business, doing what I love most while being able to have the freedom to work from my laptop and travel! I went from working long hours in a corporate 9-5 job to owning a highly-profitable successful business. I’m not lucky, I’m just proof of what’s possible! I’m the right person to mentor you too, in attracting consistent clients like clockwork, making big money doing what you love and having freedom!

Before I became an entrepreneur, I generated over 9 figures (over $100 million dollars) in sales for my corporate employers before turning age 28. In just a 3 month period alone in 2013, I closed over $44 million dollars in sales for my corporate employer, putting me at the #1 position in my area. But having success wasn't enough. What I really desired was success AND freedom. In my former job as a financial advisor and assistant vice president I used to commute 3-4 hours a day. Although I made 6 figures a year, I was tired, overworked and very stressed out. My health and relationships were really taking a toll as well. I realized my life had become something I never had envisioned for myself. I wanted to do something big and meaningful with my life but I didn’t know how to make it happen.

I realized my dreams were worth pursuing now. I couldn’t wait any longer to be happy. I realized I needed help.

Maybe you can relate…

Admitting I needed help was not easy for me at first. My entire life I had learned to be self-sufficient. I grew up very poor. If I wanted something, I was the one who had to work for it. But I needed to let go of trying to learn everything on my own and guessing what I needed to do to be successful and truly love my life. I was also scared about the cost to get help. I was in so much debt already from college and I was scared of failing or what people would think. So I asked myself – in the long haul, which would I regret more – being stuck, not taking a chance and living a life that was not what I envisioned or really going after my dreams and failing. I realized I was much more scared of not having the life I truly wanted. I didn’t want to grow old and realize that I never really lived, took chances or believed in myself. So I used credit cards so I could make my dreams happen, hired my own high-level mentors and invested in training to help me reach my goals! I’ve learned that successful women aren’t fearless, they just don’t allow that to stop them from going after what they truly want. When I realized I didn’t have all the answers, invested in myself and asked for help my entire life and business changed!

Now I finally have the business and life I envisioned for myself!

That’s what I want for you.

Earning a significant income and having more freedom doesn’t have to be a struggle. You just need the right foundation and support to make your dreams happen!

I am passionate about helping you reach the success and live the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of! I’m so passionate because I have been there and understand all of the struggles you have been facing. I understand what it’s like to worry and face sleepless nights. 

Maybe you have fears and worries too. But believe me, you too can become one of the next top entrepreneurs in your industry! You too can master attracting consistent clients like clockwork and never have to worry about where you’re next client is coming from!

I’ll show you how. 

No one does it alone. You don’t have to keep struggling and waiting to be happy! You just need the right support, tools and plan. I can become your high-level coach and mentor! A successful mentor like myself can help you save time by giving you exactly what has worked for not only themselves, but for others as well. I take away the guesswork for you!

I invite you to take the next step with me and let's create the business and lifestyle of your dreams now!

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Book a Complimentary Call to Learn More!

Click Here to Book a Complimentary Call

Book a Complimentary Call to Learn More!

Click Here to Book a Complimentary Call